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Thottle Lock

After using a Vista Cruise on my past 2 bikes its operation is instinctive. Choosing to use it on the Feejer was a no-brainer for several reasons, not the least of which was that the same unit that I'd been using on those 2 previous bikes was hanging on my peg board where I removed it before selling my last bike. I later bought a second one as a backup in case this one failed from old age. The original has gone an additional 20,000 miles at the time of this article without hint of giving up the ghost. My best guess is that it has about 100,000 miles on the original. The backup is still in its blister pack.

I installed the Vista Cruise throttle lock as discussed at H. Marc Lewis' site. I also weather sealed the drilled hole by putting some silicone calking into the drilled hole and then locking down the VC with the set screw. I then reinstalled the grip.

Installation Showing Vista Cruise, BMW Sport Grips, and Custom Bar Ends



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