2008 Subaru WRX STi
Hella Horns

Getting tired of the weak, OEM horns? I was.
That's why I swapped them for a Hella "Supertone" kit from Subimods.
I also got the optional mounting braket and harness to make the installation easier by avoiding the need to fab my own parts.

What you get from Subimods is a bracket, 2 Hella horns, and a wiring harness.
You need to mount the horns to the brackets using the parts from the bracket kit (not the fasteners in the Hella box).

What you get from Subimods

You first have to pull the 2 head lamp modules. Now would be a good time to send them off the Lightwerkz for customization.
Then you drop the bumper cover. I chose to just disconnect and suspend it with wire ties so I didn't have to unplug the fog lights and other wiring.

If you don't use the bracket from Subimods, the you'll need to pull both OEM horns so you can mount both Hellas. Since I was going with a center mount, I decided to leave the left (passenger) side horn in place.

Next remove the center OEM horn.

Then reinstall the horn bolt and remove the hood latch bolt.

Mount the Hella horn assembly using the OEM bolt and bolt hole.

Plug in the Subimod wiring harness as described in their instructions and route it accordingly.

Eyeball the alignment & tighten the bolt up.

Button everything back together,
install your Lightwerkz-customized head lamps (blacked out trim and Angel Eyes),
and be the envy of your block.













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