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SFO 2006

Day 1

The Texas Group Heads Out.

Mark & Michelle Discussing the Route.

Talimena Scenic Drive's Visitor Center.

Break Time.

Getting ready for some even better riding ahead!

Queen Wilhelmina Lodge.
Good Friends, Good Riding, Great Times!

One Of The Excellent Views.

Good Times!


Day 2

"Let's go, boys! We're burning daylight!"

Roadside Photo-Op.

"I think we're here."

"Or are we here?"

"Here we are!"

Cliff House Inn Deck.

Cliff House Inn Parking Lot.

Cliff House Inn Riders.

Staging the photo-op.

The 2003 (premier US model) and the supporting cast.

The list of players' bikes!


32 riders and co-riders came on 27 FJRs. A few non-FJRs also rode with us. The 2006 SFO Meet was a blast! If you couldn't make it this year, please make plans to join us next year.


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