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Carbon Fiber Engine Armor

Here's another project I postponed due to concerns about difficulties in installation. Once again, the concern was unfounded as the installation went off without a hitch. I picked up the carbon fiber armor for the left-side engine case from Bike Johnny. I got the Avanti kit that included the armor, frame sliders, and the LenkAdapter bar risers. Installation was according to the instructions. One thing I found that helped was to remove the fasteners for the lower left fairing. This lets you move the fairing around just enough to slide in the carbon fiber part during installation.

Carbon Fiber!

It looks just like the photo at Bike Johnny's web site. Total installation time, including prep and torquing all fasteners back to spec, was about 30 minutes.

Update: Since my installation, Bike Johnny has added a high-gloss version of the armor. Also, the Avanti Kit appears to have been discontinued. You can still get the R&G Sliders and the Engine Armor as a kit, but the LenkAdapters are only sold separately.



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