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"Wild Bill" Highway Pegs

Back during the early days of the FJR in the USA, there were a lot of owners left to create personal solutions to their accessory needs. While customized fabrications are still the heart and soul of "farkling" your bike, recent years have brought a big increase in the number of items that are bolt-on ready. These days, reinventing the wheel is left to those breaking new ground or for those who prefer to tinker their own solutions.

The "Wild Bill" Highway pegs were one of these solutions. They started out as one rider, working with friends who had the fabrication equipment (Bill and Terry Riley). Their solution was seen at the first annual Western FJR Owners (WFO) meeting. Someone reported the sighting on the forums and asked who had made them and who was using them. This went on for a while until the bike's owner was identified (iirc it was Dean Tanji). I shot off a quick e-mail to the owner (Dean?), found a way to contact the fabricator, got pricing, and posted it to the forums. The rest is history.

The main problem is that word-of-mouth information is cyclical on the forums. Each time someone asks about them, people have to dig up the contact information, describe them, and post the information. Rinse and repeat. That's the reason why, after all this time, I'm adding this page. A quick link here will give everyone Bill's contact information and some example photos of the product to better decide if Wild Bill's solution is what they want.

Sadly, Terry passed away in 2013 and production ceased. Rummors are that Gerauld on FJRForum.com is making them now, but you'll need to ask around to confirm this.

You can get the brackets with pegs included or can get just the brackets and use your own pegs. The current peg options are different than with my prototype.

Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Branded For The Loyal

Pricing will vary depending on what choices you make. I would seriously consider a peg that supports extensions so you don't have to reach around the lower fairing. The Kuryakyn (footpegs) designs allow the extension to fold near the bracket so that the peg and extension will fold up next to the bike. Some Kuryakyn designs even have "dog leg" brackets that can accommodate those with longer legs. Other designs fold the peg at the end of the extension; leaving the extension sticking out farther (from the side of the bike) which might make the pegs drag early in a curve or subject the pegs/engine to damage durring a tip over. Keep in mind that the example photos shown here are the polished brackets that Bill decided not to produce. I got one of the few prototypes that he made with a polished finish.

All brackets now come in a bead-blasted finish, include stainless steel screws and installation instructions. The bead blasted finish doesn't spot like the polished ones show in these photos.

Pegs Folded

Pegs Extended


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